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Shared Office

Team Readiness

Sharpen incident response through cross-discipline, management-focused table top, staff networks
and hands-on cyber range exercises

We use the ACSC annual table top exercise to fulfill audit requirements.

Major Research Laboratory

Table Top Exercises


Six year partnership with the Department of Homeland Security

Elevate cross-org collaborative competency through exercises

with your security, counsel, comms and incident response team

Assess legal/regulatory requirements, privacy/civil liberties obligations, federal partner/law enforcement engagement

Increase business resilience through after-action reports forged by the crucible of a mock attack

Manage public relations and reputation protection

Cyber Range Exercises


Four year partnership with the US CyberCommand range

Test cybersecurity capabilities including threat hunting and incident remediation for front line defenders

Build teamwork through close collaboration and communication to defend against simulated attacks

Improve incident response by simulating real-world attacks and practicing response procedures

Enhance employee skills across threat analysis, impact investigation and incident response

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