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Taking Notes

Risk Readiness

Achieve world-class cyber risk governance.
Security executives collaborating effectively with boards, senior management, risk officers, and legal counsels.

Convert cyber risk governance from lofty words to measurable business readiness

Develop board capacity to challenge management, and provide evidence to regulators

All Hands In

Improve cybersecurity leadership through cross-functional collaborations 

Legal Advice

Collaborate with risk and legal departments to assess and present business risk

Flow Chart

Embed and frame cyber risk in leadership and Board strategic business reviews

Inside Business

Drive risk frameworks and metrics tied to business outcomes

Press Conference

Elevate incident reporting to business impact management

ACSC uniquely enables cyber risk governance success through member-driven practice sharing and cross-function collaboration 

  • Member-shared case studies

  • Action-oriented small group convenings and member conferences

  • Key takeaways to share through briefing summaries and reports

Cyber Ris Governance Program

Cyber Risk Governance Program

Cyber risk governance is now at a pivotal point. Federal regulators and courts are demanding higher cybersecurity standards of Boards and executive staff members. Cyber risk frameworks, metrics and measurement, the evolving CISO role and more are in the balance. 

The ASCS Cyber Risk Governance Program (five collaborative sessions in 2023)

is specifically designed to drive awareness, knowledge, and best practice sharing: 

Cyber Governance and Risk:

Getting Ahead of the Regulators 

March 30, 2023

Foley Hoag, Boston

Session Focus

Regulators are raising the stakes for board cyber governance. Collaboration between CISOs, risk officers and legal counsels is now vital. This session focused on emerging regulatory challenges, how to frame key messages and metrics, and effective cross-functional collaborations.

Briefing Summaries

Managing and Communicating Cyber Risk as Business Risk:

Priority-setting and Performance Metrics 

June 22, 2023

Session Focus

  • Embedding and framing cyber risk in leadership and Board strategic business reviews

  • Collaborations with risk and legal to assess and present business risk

  • Effective models to communicate priority-setting and performance metrics

Lead Organizations

  • ​Michael Tran Duff and Sonya Ross, Harvard University

  • John Schramm and Angela Homm, Munich Re

Cyber Insurance & Risk Management

July 27, 2023

Session Focus

  • Marketplace update

  • Insurance and risk transference

  • Managing exclusions

  • Satisfying performance requirements, earning premium discounts

  • Insurer additional value - access to service providers during incident

Lead Organizations

  • ​Howard Panensky & Meredith Schnur, Marsh McLennan

  • Lauren Crean, State Street

Embedding Risk in Strategic Decision-making

September 28, 2023

Session Focus

  • Risk identification and management strategies

  • Collaboration with lines of business

  • Incorporating and acting on risk management into systems, processes, acquisitions, and digital transformations

Lead Organizations

  • ​Gernette Wright and John Clarke, Schneider Electric

  • TBA soon

Risk Management Culture in Practice:

Organizational Models and Metrics

Special Session during the Annual Conference

at the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston

November 8, 2023

Session Focus

  • Leadership and staff cross-functional collaborations  

  • Accountability assessment and performance tracking

Lead Organizations

  • To be announced

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