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Business Conference
Our CISO-led alliance is uniquely chartered to advance cybersecurity maturity through trusted networks and practice sharing around risk, technology and team-readiness programs.
Risk Readiness

Guided by the expertise of seasoned CISOs, our alliance is committed to nurturing a sophisticated level of risk readiness. We aim to fortify the lines of communication between senior management, board members, risk officers, and legal counsels.


We believe that the right dialogue can transform cybersecurity from a complex challenge into a strategic advantage, thereby elevating the cybersecurity maturity of your organization.

Technology Readiness

In the rapidly evolving world of cybersecurity, staying ahead of emerging threats requires harnessing the power of innovative technology. Our alliance provides unique access to groundbreaking technology solutions and startups, all handpicked by our member network.

Our technology partners appreciate that member access is driven by educational interaction - yielding far greater value than 'meet and greet' talk tracks.

Team Readiness

A robust cybersecurity strategy is only as strong as the team that executes it. That's why we're focused on enhancing team readiness through comprehensive cyber exercises and table top discussions.


Our alliance is dedicated to expanding your team's capacity and skills, transforming them into a resilient cybersecurity force capable of tackling any challenge that comes their way.

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