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Round Library
Dive into our open-to-the-public research portal, a knowledge hub filled with actionable insights, detailed reports, and high-impact presentations designed for modern CISOs.
Field Research

Discover our in-depth reports, crafted by seasoned experts, offering key insights into topics like cybersecurity maturity models and collaborative defense for an evolving digital landscape."

Briefing Summaries

Explore concise briefing summaries from our alliance roundtables, encapsulating the collective wisdom of industry leaders on vital cybersecurity strategies and trends.

Presentations and more

Delve into insightful presentations, curated by our seasoned CISO Alliance members, sharing their valuable expertise and pioneering solutions in the cybersecurity landscape.

The new ACSC-Mass Insight report, “Leveraging Board Governance for Cybersecurity,” provides insightful and actionable guidance for C-level cybersecurity executives and their board members.  In particular, the 5 lines of cyber risk governance questions they propose to shape board and management discussions are powerful examples of what regulators are increasingly going to expect. 

Dr. Keri Pearlson, Executive Director, CAMS, MIT

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