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AI & Cybersecurity, a CISO's Guide to Emerging Opportunities

On May 30, ACSC is tapping into its Research Partner and member expertise to share the perspectives of Pete Slade, Founder and Chief Scientist of ThreatWarrior, Dr. Andres Molina-Markham, Principal Cybersecurity Researcher at MITRE, and Colin Zick and Chris Hart, Partners at Foley Hoag on what members need to know about AI and Cybersecurity.

The session will dive into traditional Machine Learning (ML) and newer, more sophisticated Unsupervised Neural Networks and Deep Learning applications, as well as legal considerations to watch for. These technologies are fundamentally reshaping the way organizations prevent, detect, and respond to cyber threats. Our session will help members identify opportunities and avoid pitfalls in the fast changing world of AI and cybersecurity. Discussion Questions:

  1. The market outlook and AI applications: What AI tools should you incorporate into your planning that will identify and respond to evolving threats? Are there success stories for AI-driven tools already in use?

  2. Operational strategies: What factors should you consider in selecting and integrating AI-driven tools into your cybersecurity infrastructure? How can you minimize AI-driven false positives (or negatives) in threat detection?

  3. Legal agendas: What AI cybersecurity legal guidelines and restrictions should you put in place to assure compliance with privacy and copyright protections, for example?

  4. Talent planning: How will AI change your cybersecurity workforce? What skills should you develop on your teams to adapt and manage AI tools?

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