The 2018 Annual Conference is a chance for ACSC members and people from the New England cybersecurity community to come together and share information, network, and learn about the latest information in cybersecurity.  

November 8, 2018 at the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston

Audience:  Over 200 CISOs and Director-level reports from our membership and the Greater Boston cyber community

Objective: A capstone event to review the latest ACSC research, effective practices in information security, and progress on workforce development and policy.

Outcome:  Attendees will leave with a stronger network of cybersecurity professionals, plus additional information to improve the cyber maturity of their organizations. 



Topics for 2018: 

  • Simulation Cyber Exercise: We will provide analysis and feedback from our September cyber drill -- a collaboration between Department of Homeland Security and ACSC members. 
  • HR Panel: We will bring together top experts from legal, HR, and hiring CISOs to discuss the barriers to hiring cyber talent and how we can effectively and efficiently hire the right people with the right skills. 
  • Mid-Term Elections: Only two days after the mid-term elections, we'll report back on our Campaign Cyber Defense Workshop and positive changes made to improve cybersecurity in local campaigns
  • Threat Intelligence: We will report back on our study conducted jointly with MITRE on creating sub-groups based on organizational cyber maturity.  
  • Workforce Development: We will report on our collaboration with over 35 colleges, universities, and certificate programs working to expand the labor force for cybersecurity in New England.