Our members always are looking for effective solutions to cyber staffing issues. The ACSC is a national leader in workforce development and members participate in the process as we "smart-size" the workforce for the next 2 - 5 years and beyond. 

Workforce Workgroup 

Our workforce group works with executives from our member organizations to spot trends, create employment opportunities, and collaborate with local colleges and universities to create programs that graduate cyber-ready students. 

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In 2017, the ACSC kicked off the Cyber Security Education and Training Consortium (CETC) with the Office of Economic Development at the University of Massachusetts. Over 35 colleges and universities participate in regular meetings. The consortium is tasked with implementing training programs in cybersecurity to help fill thousands of open positions. ACSC members are positioned to give specific input to help shape the curriculum and will have a strong relationship with local educators to develop internships and job placement opportunities. 

In addition to higher education, we're reviewing online training programs for entry level certifications as well as opportunities to deepen your teams knowledge and ability to respond to threats.