Who We Are


The region's only non-profitmember-drivencross-sector organization operating under an NDA and committed to strengthening member cybersecurity defenses, building effective collaboration with the public sector, and preparing the region's response to large scale cyber threats.

Bringing together the private sector, universities, the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston and the Commonwealth, the ACSC is uniquely positioned to ensure our members and the region are national leaders in "Collaborative Defense."

About US

The Advanced Cyber Security Center has organized around the concept of  "Collaborative Defense" and designed the following framework to guide our engagements, programs, and projects. 

The ACSC’s Trusted Networks are at the heart of our work: member CISOs, their Deputies and Threat Intel Directors. Those networks explore the persistent challenges in cybersecurity - cloud security, 3rd party risk and supply chain management, and cyber talent management. Their work covers our three pillars, where we focus on threat intelligence, on cyber exercises to put “Collaborative Defense” into practice, and peer research which looks to establish effective practice from that trusted peer’s experience.

Championed by our member CISOs, the ACSC has made incident planning and response and the use of simulations to build capacity and stress test organizations a central focus of its mission.  The ACSC runs an annual Table Top Exercise and has recently added a Cyber Range in partnership with SimSpace for joint, hands on keyboard exercises.

Our members represent some of the most cyber-mature organizations in Massachusetts, across sectors, including State Street, Dell Technologies, Harvard Pilgrim Health Care and the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston as well as institutions of higher education like the Northeastern and Harvard University and research organizations like MIT Lincoln Laboratory and MITRE. The Commonwealth is a charter member, and institutionalizing public-private links with state and federal officials is a core ongoing focus.  

The ACSC was established in 2012, as a 501(c)3 organization and was the model for Information Sharing and Analysis Organizations (ISAOs) when Presidential Executive Order 13691 was implemented in 2015. Currently the ACSC member organizations represent the financial services, healthcare, technology and engineering industries, along with leading universities and The Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

We were honored to receive this citation from The Commonwealth of Massachusetts as a
recognition of our 10th year and longstanding committment to integrate the public and private sectors.


Non-profit information sharing organizations such as Boston’s Advanced Cybersecurity Center… have shown value in building smaller trust networks across sectors in metropolitan areas.
- Michael Daniel, Special Assistant to the President and White House Cybersecurity Coordinator, 2014