Legal Counsels & Communications Executives

Collaborative Cyber Defense

Legal Counsel Network

An active network that constantly tracks the many moving parts around Cybersecurity and Privacy Regulations, Laws, and standards. The Counsels also play a significant role in Incident Response and therefore a key to the Annual Table Top Exercises.

The network discusses the current drivers of cybersecurity policy, from GDPR to CMMC and FedRAMP, from the state laws and regulations of California, New York, and Massachusetts to the role that Cyber Insurance plays. Counsels play a vital role in setting their organizations policies and guiding controls.

The network shares models for collaboration with security staff, the board, and executive leadership.

In 2021, the counsels network will focus on three CISO challenges:

  • 3rd Party Risk 
  • Collaborative Defense in the Cloud
  • Emerging Standards, Policy and Practice: What Regulators and Cyber Insurers Will Require - and the Criteria They Should Use

The network is chaired by:

  • Colin Zick, Partner, Foley Hoag
  • Amy Mugherini, State Street

The Counsel Network was initially formed to develop the ACSC’s unique Participation Agreement which includes an NDA and has met as a network since 2011. 

Communications Network

The Communications network is composed of communications executives who play an important role in Incident preparedness and response. The network’s primary role is guiding the development of the Annual Table Top Exercise

The Communication Network was formed in 2019 as ACSC researched the roles that Legal and Communications staff play in incident response. The final report was published in January 2020 and can be found here.