Too often in the Information Security industry, technology and tools are sought as a panacea, and human aspects are treated as an afterthought. We believe a more secure digital world is primarily dependent upon the people of the information security community. As security threats proliferate in size, complexity and impact, now is the time for us find new ways to work better together. This series shares personal experiences and on-the-ground solutions for the most important issues facing our industry. From every corner of cybersecurity, our contributors are sharing their stories because they believe we are stronger when we connect with one another in an authentic way. In fact, we believe this project will create one of the largest archives of personal stories in InfoSec. We hope by telling our stories we will go beyond the headlines and abstract data to build the deeper understanding and collaboration necessary to make real and lasting progress.

The first CyberStories issue we will explore is Women in Infosec. Women graduate with computer science degrees today at a lower percentage than in the 1980’s, and the rate of women in Infosec is stagnant at ~11%, one of the lowest of any STEM field. Rates of representation by women of color or at the executive levels are even lower and by some estimates are an abysmal 1-2%. Behind these statistics is a reality that cybersecurity is missing out on a huge pool of talent at a time when the skills shortage is at an all-time high. Understanding the human dynamics behind those statistics can unlock a tremendous opportunity for our industry to grow and thrive.

November 2017

Sandy Carielli, Director of Security Technologies at Entrust Datacard

Sandy Carielli

Director of Security Technologies at Entrust Datacard