Cyberbytes is a Q&A series with Northeast region security professionals. In this series, we explore perspectives on the information security industry, including industry outlooks, technology and tools best practices, and insights on the business of cybersecurity.

The goal of Cyberbytes is to capture the views, experiences and insights of the region’s cybersecurity business experts in order to foster a more vibrant information security community in our area. New England is home to a wide range of information security companies, organizations and practitioners; this series will help us learn from each other, share information security ideas and business practices and ensure a strong base of knowledge that will benefit all.

November 2017

Frank Wang

PhD Student at MIT CSAIL, Co-Founder of Cybersecurity Factory

Topics: Helping PhD Students and Early Stage Startups, Startup Personality in the Boston Area, The Importance of Collaboration in Starting Up, Cybersecurity Startup Trends to Look Out For

August 2017

Jothy Rosenberg, CEO and Founder of Dover MicrosystemsJothy Rosenberg

CEO & Founder of Dover Microsystems

Topics: Accelerating Government Funded Technology, Collaboration for Cyber Defense, Private Investment in the Boston Area