Research Partner Program

ACSC Research Partners: Engaging Innovative Technology Firms


ACSC Research Partners are trusted technology thought leaders from innovative startups, fast growing firms and market leaders in the core focus areas of the ACSC “effective practice curriculum.” Research Partners will collaborate with ACSC members through NDA-covered CISO and InfoSec staff convenings to:

  1. Jointly assess new technology opportunities

  2. Develop model practices for Collaborative Defense in a vendor-customer setting, with a special focus on operating in a cloud environment

Research Partners will be selected by ACSC Lead Partner members.   


Engage with ACSC Members 

  • Participate in substantive member discussions, receive important market feedback, and put forward your thought-leaders. Specifically, participate in:
    • ACSC Network convening – CISO, Deputies, Threat Intel Networks
    • Focus group with a select group of ACSC members
    • ACSC Annual Conference session development and panel participation 

Shape and Co-brand ACSC Effective Practice Briefing Reports

  • Play an important role providing ACSC member CISOs and InfoSec staff with advance insights into emerging technology and marketplace developments in a non-sales setting.  

  • Contribute content for research and co-brand briefing reports; gain market feedback through participation in member focus group sessions. 

Join the ACSC Collaborative Defense Trusted Network

  • With a limited group of technology and cybersecurity leaders selected by ACSC Lead Partner members, position your firm’s brand and logo prominently on ACSC research material and website.  

Engagement Opportunities

The ACSC will select Research Partners aligned with the following research topics:

  • Collaborative Defense in the Cloud will develop effective practice briefing reports on technology vendor–customer partnerships, including shared responsibilities for preventing incidents, detecting intrusions, and collaborating when incidents occur. 

  • Threat Intelligence will focus on effective practice for integrating Threat Intelligence into common security tooling like the SIEM, as well as exploring the value and best uses of intelligence feeds provided by external sources. 

  • Red and Purple Teams will continue a 2020 research topic focused on Continuous Assessment by examining the use of Pen Testing, Red and Purple Teams as means of improving security posture and incident management preparedness. 

  • Exercises as Training and Development is a new topic in 2021 which will leverage our network of Blue and Red Team leaders to develop a series of case studies on model training and experiential development programs for technical staff, focused on the use of range exercises. 

  • 3rd Party Risk and Customer-Vendor Practice is a continuing topic from 2020. With the heightened exposure demonstrated by the Solar Winds compromises and new regulatory requirements, this case study research will focus on opportunities to incorporate the latest analytics and technology programs to manage 3rd Party Risk.  


Based on revenue scale of Research Partner organization.