White House cybersecurity czar: Threat awareness has improved, but protection hasn't

August 20, 2015

Dibya Sarkar

Federal agencies are increasingly engaged in cybersecurity issues and understand they have something to protect, said the White House's cybersecurity czar, but he added that most agencies, like their private-sector counterparts, are not protecting themselves as well as they should. 

"There's still a great deal of vulnerability out there and ... very few organizations have cracked the code on how to do this mission well," Michael Daniel said during an Aug. 17 discussion at the Technology Policy Institute's Aspen Forum.

Still, Daniel, who is special assistant to the president and U.S. cybersecurity coordinator, indicated that many agencies better understand the need to protect their data and to interact with the private sector in a different way. In fact, he said the level of interest is so high that it feels as if they're running out of space in meeting rooms because they're trying to "cram more people in."

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