These 10 Companies Are the Top Cybersecurity Startup Acquirers

July 20, 2016

Robert Hackett

According to Crunchbase data.

Like so many other startup sectors, cybersecurity is often a game of mergers and acquisitions. So who has got the biggest appetite?

Matt Suiche, a French hacker and cybersecurity entrepreneur, recently parsed the numbers to determine which companies lead the pack in terms of purchases. Suiche’s post on Medium used data sourced from Crunchbase, a site that tracks venture capital and other deals.

“I wrote some scripts to parse the data and extract what I wanted,” he told Fortune. “Since my main focus is security, I thought, Let’s have a look at the market.”

With two dozen cybersecurity acquisitions under its belt, Cisco  CSCO -0.29%  put its rivals to shame. Some of the networking giant’s recent buys included the cloud software security startup CloudLock for about $293 million last month, the network monitoring firm Lancope for more than $453 million in October, and the Internet security company for $635 million OpenDNS about a year ago.

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