Steven LaFountain: Working to increase the cybersecurity talent pipeline

July 8, 2015

Partnership for Public Service

This summer, approximately 1,300 middle and high school students plus a number of K-12 teachers will attend cybersecurity camps at universities in 18 states, learning about online threats, basic cyber defenses and the ethics of operating in the virtual world.

The 43 camps, paid for with $4 million from the National Security Agency and the National Science Foundation, are the handiwork of Steven LaFountain, the dean of NSA’s College of Cyber, and a man determined to increase the nation’s cybersecurity talent pipeline.

LaFountain said there is a huge unmet demand for people with cyber skills in government and the private sector, and it is his hope that the GenCyber summer program—first launched on a smaller scale in 2014—will be part of the solution to the nation’s shortfall of cybersecurity professionals. Some of the camps are open to teachers to help improve teaching methods for delivering cybersecurity content in K-12 computer science curricula.

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