States taking steps to bolster cybersecurity

September 2, 2015

Katie Bo Williams

In California, Gov. Jerry Brown (D) outlined a cybersecurity ecosystem designed to facilitate cooperation between the private and public sector. 

Brown called for the creation of both a cyber-reporting center under the state’s Office of Emergency Services and a dedicated incident response team. 

The so-called California Cybersecurity Integration Center will act as the state’s hub for incident reporting, while the new Cyber Incident Response Team will coordinate between law enforcement and the private sector in the event of a breach — an ongoing tension as national lawmakers work to strike a balance between data privacy and law-enforcement access. 

“The governor’s order will strengthen the integration between cyberintelligence and law enforcement communities in California and will increase our ability to effectively prepare for, prevent and respond to cyberattacks,” an OES representative said in a statement. 

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