Courion Joins Advanced Cyber Security Center to Help Companies Prevent Sophisticated Cyber Security Attacks

August 21, 2013

Collaborates with experts from healthcare, energy, defense and financial services to develop next-generation defenses by augmenting security solutions with intelligent IAM 

WESTBOROUGH, Mass. — Because many of the cyber attacks that happen in corporations today involve people wielding valid digital credentials, all the firewalls or virus and intrusion detection systems in the world can’t prevent a breach. To spot anomalies and reduce risk, organizations need ways to continuously monitor employees’ and other approved users’ access to company resources.

That's why Courion Corporation, a leading authority in intelligent identity and access management (IAM), today announced it has joined the Advanced Cyber Security Center (ACSC), a non-profit corporation launched by Mass Insight Global Partnerships, which brings industry, university and government organizations together to address sophisticated cyber security challenges.

With 17 years of experience, Courion is helping more than 500 organizations safely manage their critical IT assets from unwanted access. Courion’s extensive background brings expertise to the ACSC that will strengthen the Center’s understanding of how IAM and security and risk management tools complement each other to battle the security threats Fortune 500 companies face each day.

“Our software supplies an often missing piece of the security array," said Chris Sullivan, vice president of product planning at CourionLabs. "We continuously scrutinize who has access to what resources across the entire enterprise and how access patterns are shaping up at any time. Analyzing petabytes of data related to identities, rights, resources, policies and activities, we identify risks, anomalies, potential breaches and actual breaches, often catching what slipped through a company’s other defenses. We'll be donating our software and professional services to help manage these risks for ACSC members throughout New England."

The ACSC takes advantage of New England's unparalleled university, industrial and research resources to develop next-generation solutions and strategies for protecting the nation's public and private IT infrastructure. Courion will also participate in the ACSC's Cyber Tuesday program, a bi-weekly engagement for front-line staff that convenes to share leading threat indicators and exchange insights on emerging advanced persistent threat (APT) activity and best practices. Cyber Tuesday is just one of several initiatives ACSC members participate in to help protect New England organizations from the rapidly evolving advanced and persistent cyber threats. Courion will also help drive ACSC's mission to support New England's role as a center for cyber security R+D, education, talent and jobs.


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