ACSC launches regional agenda to attack cyber threats

November 16, 2012

Patricia Resende

Hundreds of thought leaders from government, academia and the tech industry joined together at the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston to discuss the new agenda of the Advanced Cyber Security Center.

Launched one year ago, the ACSC was created to bring together stakeholders in cyber security to address the issues of policy, law and technology. The center, located at the MITRE Corp. in Bedford and launched by Mass Insight Global Partnerships, a Boston-based consulting firm, announced its new agenda focused around a new model for research and development through education partnerships.

The message of collaboration between universities, industry and government was heard loud and clear throughout the day.

Harvard University Chief Technology Officer James Waldo said all attacks happen at electronic speeds, not human speeds, and that the human response is not fast enough. Implementing technology to prevent and respond to cyber attacks is the easy part. The challenge, he said, is to get law and policy into the equation.

“If we can’t automate response, we will lose. We must all hang together or most assumedly we will hang separately,” Waldo said during a panel discussion dubbed “The New England Response to Cybersecurity Grand Challenges.”