Hanscom Air Force Base Partners With The Military Task Force To Create The Hanscom Collaboration and Innovation Center

December 10, 2014

New center located at Hanscom Air Force Base to enhance partnerships around cyber security, public safety, and information technology

HANSCOM AIR FORCE BASE – Wednesday, December 10, 2014 – The Massachusetts Military Asset and Security Strategy Task Force and Hanscom Air Force Base today celebrated the opening of the Hanscom Collaboration and Innovation Center (HCIC), formerly known as the Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Enterprise Integration Facility (CEIF). Working with military, industry, academia, and federally-funded research and development centers, HCIC will enable cutting-edge advances in defense applications, cyber security, public safety, and information technology.

“The Hanscom Collaboration and Innovation Centeronce again shows that Massachusetts is leading the way in being prepared for the 21st century innovation economy,” said Governor Patrick. “This Center has a tremendous amount of potential to strengthen our critical military infrastructure as well as the Massachusetts economy.”

The Hanscom Collaboration and Innovation Center (HCIC) will support and has growth potential for a variety of Air Force, National Guard, public safety, academic, and industry uses. Its infrastructure for massive joint and multi-nation coalition warfighting experiments and demonstrations, and access to the Commonwealth’s high-technology ecosystem, make the HCIC the ideal location to develop, integrate, and test innovative technologies.

“We picked the name because that’s exactly what we hope to achieve going forward,” said Dr. Tim Rudolph, Chief Technology Officer for the Air Force’s Life Cycle Management Center, key elements of which are headquartered at Hanscom. “We intend to use this facility to advance our connectivity with the vast array of local and regional intellectual capital inherent in Massachusetts. This will allow us to better meet critical Air Force mission objectives and, hopefully, in turn allow other parties to better achieve their own vital objectives.”

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts has committed $2.9 million to facilitate necessary energy and communications upgrades at the HCIC. The HCIC currently operates at maximum power and heating, ventilation, and air conditioning capacity while attempting to accommodate a large number of users. This investment will support the Air Force’s current and future mission requirements, including cyber, IT, secure cloud computing, and big data analytics and exploitation capabilities. These upgrades, to be completed in late 2015, will also allow the HCIC to expand academic, public, and private sector and research and development opportunities, including partnerships with industry, technical consortia, federally funded research and development centers, as well as federal, state, and even municipal public safety departments.

Governor Patrick’s FY2015 Capital Plan authorized funding for this and other infrastructure projects at military installations throughout the Commonwealth in concert with the installations and the Military Asset and Security Strategy Task Force. The cooperation between the military and the Task Force over the last few years has led to this historic opportunity.