ISACA targeting women, young professionals to close the cybersecurity skills gap

June 6, 2016

Jason Fornicola

With security breaches on the rise, the need for qualified, skilled cybersecurity professionals is greater than ever. Eddie Schwartz, the chairman of ISACA’s Cybersecurity Advisory Council and president and chief operating officer of WhiteOps, said there is a shortage of more than a million professionals worldwide dating back several years that must be addressed immediately.

“The gap was actually developed probably over the last 15 years or so,” Schwartz said. “Way back when, when I got started in cybersecurity, it was basically a technical field. But what happened about 15 years ago or so is the entire industry – and when I say the entire industry I mean government, financial services, critical infrastructure, everybody that cares about security – became laser-focused on compliance with regulations.

“We had the advent of the Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA) in the government space, which was the requirement for government chief information officers to focus their budgets on compliance with regulations. We had the deregulation of financial services, which entered a whole new slew of regulations.”

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