House bill would create cybersecurity official at HHS

April 27, 2016

Katie Bo Williams

Two House Energy and Commerce Committee members on Tuesday introduced a bill intended to improve cybersecurity at the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).

The bill from Reps. Billy Long (R-Mo.) and Doris Matsui (D-Calif.) comes in response to an August report by the committee that found “pervasive and persistent deficiencies across HHS and its operating divisions’ information security programs.”

“We’ve developed a thoughtful solution to improve cybersecurity at HHS, based on committee findings,” Long and Matsui said in a statement. “This legislation is a critical step toward safeguarding the delicate information countless Americans have entrusted in HHS’ hands.”

The bill would create an office of the chief information security officer within the agency, which was the top recommendation from the committee’s report.

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