Fall 2017 Newsletter

November 17, 2017

ACSC Staff

[Michael Figueroa | Executive Director] As the leaves began to turn here in New England, the security community has reeled organizationally from the Equifax data breach and socially from how revelations of sexual harassment and abuse in Hollywood is prompting renewed attention on the subversive hostility women and other underrepresented groups face within the community. The ACSC continues to press for constructive and positive change in these and other areas.

Whereas the media narrative on Equifax centers on the consumer aspects, ACSC members have come together to better understand organizational impact from the breach and what lessons learned they can take away from how Equifax has responded. [ACSC Perspectives - Learning from the Equifax Breach] The ACSC is examining what challenges large enterprises face under similar conditions and how organizations are responding to those challenges today. Through our 2017 Collaborative Cyber Defense project, the ACSC is currently wrapping up a study of how large organizations work across internal and external boundaries in defense and response scenarios, identifying effective practices and opportunities for improvement. Our hope is to provide our members with better tools and communications channels to more quickly and effectively handle future major incidents.

Fall also saw the launch of our new diversity-themed research project, CyberStories: Unlocking the Human Potential of Security. Launched at the Infosecurity North America conference in October, the focus of our first installments on Women in Infosec takes on new significance as disruption hits on the broader topic around the treatment of women in the workplace. Rather than dwell on the problem space, our hope is to use CyberStories to highlight how organizations and the community at large are supporting broader diversity and inclusion to reinforce what works well and emphasize a need to promote collective solutions. [CyberStories: Sandy Carielli of Entrust Datacard]

As a community, we have the tools to better collectively overcome the challenges that we face. With the ongoing support of our members and sponsors, the ACSC is working to provide a stronger foundation upon which to use those tools. I look forward to sharing our results with you and working together towards a better community.

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