DoJ Calls On Private Sector to Strengthen Cybersecurity

May 21, 2015

John K. Higgins

The U.S. Department of Justice is stepping up its program to engage more actively with the private sector on dealing with cybercrime and cybersecurity breaches.

"We in government know that we cannot go it alone in fighting cybercrime. We need a strong partnership with you in the private sector," Assistant Attorney General Leslie Caldwell recently said at a DoJ-sponsored Cybersecurity Industry Roundtable.

As head of the head of DoJ's Criminal Division, Caldwell late last year launched a special Cybersecurity Unit within the division's Computer Crime and Intellectual Property section. While the division had been tracking cybercrime for more than 20 years, Caldwell created the new unit "to enhance public and private cybersecurity efforts."

At last month's roundtable, DoJ issued a special guidance document directed to commercial private sector entities with advice on how to prevent cyberintrusions, and how to deal with breaches when they occur. The suggestions include both legal and technology-oriented measures. Adoption of the recommendations could pay off not only in deterring cybercrime, but also in limiting legal liability when breaches occur.

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