Cybersecurity Threats Are Real: You And Your Organization Could Be In Danger

April 25, 2016

Stuart R. Levine

Last week I moderated an NACD Boardroom Excellence webinar in partnership with Broadridge Financial Solutions that focused on the issue of cybersecurity. Approximately 200 directors representing various corporations participated. The data shared was unnerving and troubling in its scope and implications.

The cybersecurity statistics are jarring. CNBC’s most recent survey in April 2016, indicated that null and are not prepared to handle a major attack. The worst part of the survey results is that 40% said they feel no responsibility for the consequences of being hacked. Leaders of an organization, including CEOs, CIOs, board members and executives are still struggling to define responsibility for customer data. They have transferred this burden to the CISO (Chief Information Security Officer) and the IT department. This trend is problematic.

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