Cybersecurity Goals to Guide Federal Software Spending

May 4, 2016

John K. Higgins

The U.S. government is on track to significantly boost spending on cybersecurity solutions. However, evolving requirements to greatly improve federal protection of information technology resources will shape that spending.

In fact, federal cyberprotection goals should be augmented and significantly modified, according to recent studies of the federal market. The linkage between increased federal investing in cybersecurity and the requirements for bolstering IT protection are portrayed in two newly released reports.

Increased federal investments in cyberprotection virtually are inevitable and will occur regardless of any politically partisan differences over the federal budget, one report concluded.

"Owing to instances of criminal activities since September 2001, the U.S. federal government is enforcing the use of cybersecurity products to monitor data traversing through the network and control its access by preventing unauthorized individuals from gaining access," said a report issued by Technavio last month.

The Obama administration's Cybersecurity National Action, launched earlier this year, has bolstered the basis for projecting a robust federal cybersecurity market.

"We noted that President Obama has focused on cybersecurity as one of the critical issues facing the United States," Amrita Choudhury, research analyst at Technavio, told the E-Commerce Times.

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