CyberFed Encourages Women to Become more Involved in Cybersecurity

May 19, 2015

Men have long dominated the technology industry and the Cybersecurity Competition Federation (CyberFed) seeks to close that gender gap. To educate and inspire women to participate in cybersecurity competitions, CyberFed produces The CyberFed Show to showcase more women in the cybersecurity sector. Cybersecurity competitions are about talent and skill, leaving no room for gender inequality and CyberFed would like to help empower more women to enter the field!

“CyberFed is providing an opportunity to educate more women of cybersecurity competitions so that they can get more involved,” states Dr. Daniel Manson, Principal Investigator of CyberFed. “Just as #LikeAGirl empowers women, cybersecurity competitions inspire women too; such as CyberPatriot who just had their first All Girls Finals team. The fact of the matter is, female competitors are just as strong and savvy as men, we just need more of them.”

According to recent reports , despite the fact that 57% of bachelor’s degrees are earned by women, only 12% of them are in computer sciences. Even worse, the trend is not in favor of women either: In the 1980s, about 37% of computer science majors were women, compared to just 18% in 2012. In order to reverse these trends, CyberFed is reaching out to inspire more women on the importance and value of the growing the cybersecurity industry.

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