Boston's Next Wave Cyber Tech: The future is here

November 16, 2016

Six Boston cybersecurity startups pitched their companies at the Advanced Cyber Security Center's Annual Conference, held November 3 at the Boston Federal Reserve Bank. The session was moderated by Greg Dracon, Partner at .406 Ventures.

Technology exposes attacker behaviors across the enterprises, put organizations back in control of endpoint security. “Helping enterpise teams to capture and respond to behaviors in real-time across their enterprises.”

Provides a continuous security platform, integrating security tools into apps. Cybric replicates your application, compromises it, gets data on all threats, gives data to client and offers how to fix problems.

Greathorn partners with big cloud services providers to give companies real-time protection from these new types of attacks. “There is a whole new paridigm of how employees are communicating, yet there is a misconception that because they are using these credible services that they are protected…. Spear phishing, and social engineering attacks are on the rise, not malware but instead targeting humans to gain confidential information.”

Hexadite allows companies to handle a volume of threats by automating responses to the less important threats and allowing employees to deal with the most important things. “It is like having a massive team of security employees checking threats and fixing them 24/7 around the clock.”

Pwnie Express
Pwnie Express lets companies monitor any and all networks or devices trying to connect to their networks in order to make sure their network / data never gets compromised. They use continuous device discovery and device behavior analytics to detect device threats and make sure they don’t harm or steal anything.

Threat Stack
Threat Stack provides continuous security monitoring system for cloud infrastructure. It allows companies to confidently move to the cloud without letting security get in the way.