Beware Black Friday Shoppers: New Malware Targeting POS Systems Discovered

November 27, 2015

Aaron Mamii

Cybersecurity company iSight has discovered a new malware virus that is able to entrench itself so deeply into point-of-sale systems that it will be overlooked by most antivirus software. The firm states that the new form of attack is the most advanced that it has ever seen.

Not only does the malware, named ModPOS, embed itself very deep within the architecture of computers, it also features high levels of encryption, which makes it even harder to identify ModPOS as malware.

ModPOS is able to gather the information that goes through checkout terminals, and is even able to record what is typed into the keypad of a POS system. The malware's modules extract the information from the memory of the POS systems and log the keystrokes. The collected the data is then transmitted to the attackers.

The discovery of the new malware comes at the most appropriate time for the virus to wreak havoc on consumers, as the holiday shopping season is set to formally kick off with the rapidly-approaching Black Friday shopping frenzy.

Retailers in the United States are now on the hunt for the malware in their systems, hoping to avoid a similar massive data breach which affected large companies such as Target in 2013. The Target data breach led to a settlement worth $10 million by the company to its affected customers.

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