ACSC Joins Army National Guard Cybersecurity Seminar, Kicking Off “Exercise Cyber Yankee”

July 16, 2017

ACSC Staff

The ACSC was honored this month to support the Army National Guard by hosting a cyber seminar as part of Exercise Cyber Yankee at Joint Base Cape Cod, a training exercise designed to simulate a cyber attack. While soldiers trained all week, the June 14 cyber seminar addressed the DoD cyber commanders, CSOs and both public and private sector cyber and intelligence analysts from across New England who came together to share and collaborate with the Army National Guard to explore better methods for securing our national infrastructure and training the next generation of cyber defenders.

Speaking to senior representatives from the National Guard, Army, Air Force, Department of Homeland Security, FBI and more, we opened the day with a panel sharing insights from academia. I moderated a discussion on the challenges of educating and sustaining the next generation of cyber security professionals. The panel featured Larry Wilson (ACSC Member - University of Massachusetts, Chief Information Security Officer, UMASS President's Office), Mike Ahern (ACSC Member - Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Director, Corporate and Professional Education and Instructor, Foisie Business School), and Kevin Powers (Boston College, Program Director, Masters in Cybersecurity Policy and Governance).

The academic panel discussion focused upon how Massachusetts higher education and training programs are developing the future cyber workforce, and the challenges of sustaining our next generation of cyber security professionals. Key takeaways from the panel discussion included:

Next, our industry partners took the stage to share insights from the front lines of corporate cyber security. The panel was assembled to showcase cyber development all the way from early-stage R&D through to startups, and into mainstream implementation and practice. The session featured Chris Lord (ACSC Member - Carbon Black, Director of R&D and Threat Research), Bruce Bakis (ACSC Member - MITRE, Principal Engineer), Gerald Beuchelt (LogMeIn, Chief Information Security Officer), and Jothy Rosenberg (Dover Microsystems, Founder and CEO).

The industry panel discussion explored both innovation and the challenges of deploying and supporting government technology and security practices.  Key takeaways from the panel discussion included:

The Cyber Seminar continued with afternoon panels that featured discussion and cybersecurity efforts from government partners (state and federal), as well as exploration of DoD efforts in Cyber from a Panel of Department of Defense leaders. 

Read more about the afternoon panels in this article from veteran security journalist Paul Roberts.

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