ACSC annual meeting, with a focus on emerging cyber challenges, set for Nov. 3

August 22, 2016

The Advanced Cyber Security Center annual conference — Massachusetts Cybersecurity 2.0: Preparing for the next wave of cyber challenges — is set for Nov. 3 and will focus on several critical themes, including building better defense capabilities, finding talent, anticipating new government regulations, and a preview of next generation technology.

The meeting will be held at the Boston Federal Reserve Bank from 8 am to 5:30 pm.

Sessions include:

Beyond Threat Sharing:  The case for ‘Collaborative Defense, a discussion on how to promote the active engagement of internal and external partners to promote cyber security across organizations and supply chains.

• Raising the Accountability Bar: Regulatory initiatives and cyber insurance

 requirements in the next four years

• Talent and training: A discussion of the talent pipeline and the need for incentives and training in the sector.

• Next wave technologies: some of the region's most promising startups discuss the latest cyber technology developments and trends.

• Collaborative Defense Ventors and Suppliers: Where are the models?

The event will also feature a breakout session on the best practices for cyber defense and introduce research that will better define the depth and the potential of the Massachusetts cybersecurity ecosystem. ACSC’s annual cybersecurity poster competition, a program that features area information security students presenting their research ideas, will also be held.

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