5 Growing Cyber-Security Epicenters Around the World

September 4, 2015

Zach Cutler

The recent hack of Ashley Madison reminds us just how vulnerable society is to cyber attacks. Big companies such as Target, Home Depot, Michaels, P.F. Chang’s and JP Morgan fell victim to data breaches in 2014, and the attacks have continued this year.

Cyber attacks not only compromise the personal information and sensitive data of consumers, but pose tremendous threats to businesses, governments and militaries. The global balance of power and billions of lives are dependent on keeping computer infrastructure safe.

To combat attacks, interest in cyber security companies is heating up and heavy investment is following. Cyber-security companies are hiring by the droves, with some creating hundreds or thousands of jobs every year alone.

"This year we are hiring hundreds of employees for development and deep technology positions," says Dorit Dor, vice president of product at Check Point, a prominent IT security firm.

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