Real-time Collaborative Defense. Members have access to an online portal where they can share threat intelligence in real-time. Often collaborating on-the-fly when a new threat emerges. 

Cyber Tuesdays. Cyber Tuesdays occur monthly. Members share case studies, discuss emerging threats, and examine solutions to common problems. Face-to-face interaction is encouraged, but members can phone into the meeting as well. 

In-Depth Research. We partner with research organizations to produce studies on various aspects of cyber security. We cover workplace development, policy research, case study information and white papers. 

Workgroups. We encourage members to join one of three workgroups; executive, workforce development, or policy. The groups work to develop leadership positions in cybersecurity to improve our response as a whole in the U.S.

Events. From Cyber Tuesdays to our Annual Conference, we hold 20+ events every year ranging on a variety of topics in cybersecurity. We invite you to join us, contribute, and learn.