ACSC Work Groups and Benefits

Threat Evaluation/Information Sharing

Cyber Tuesdays. Bi-weekly meetings, hosted by The MITRE Corporation and the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, convene our member organizations to share leading threat indicators and exchange insights on emerging APT activity.

Cyber Exchange Forum. A venue for members and industry experts to present information, best practices, and analysis to help in combating advanced cybersecurity threats.

Automated Information Sharing. A members-only capability supported by The MITRE Corporation through which members can share threat and response information and build a distributed database and sharing community.

Research and Education

Leading faculty experts from New England’s major research universities are partnering with ACSC to expand internship/co-operative education programs to produce more job-ready students capable of meeting industry’s evolving IT workforce demands.

Addressing cybersecurity’s "grand challenges" through the launch of several small-scale "Prime the Pump" R+D projects that are building university-industry relationships and scoping work for larger federally-funded research initiatives.

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Recent Activity

Industry-University Data Sharing Agreement with the support of the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, Liberty Mutual, and University of Massachusetts to create a virtual wharehouse of industry data for universities to utilize in R+D and provide solutions to industry.


A full-scale Participation Agreement with the support of Foley Hoag that allows ACSC members to share sensitive cyber information while maintaining confidentiality.

A Policy-Legal Work Group with the support of law firms based in Boston and Washington D.C., we identify and address common cybersecurity policy concerns at the state and federal levels. We also explore the opportunity for law firms to work together to establish themselves as leaders in protecting client data.

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