Collaborative Defense

Moving Beyond Top Line Threat Intelligence

The ACSC knows almost all organizations have at least one, if not a few, high-value sources for the latest cyber threat. What our organization provides is a deep dive beyond the bullet points. CISOs and direct response teams need to think about the timing of the response, when to work within their organization, and when to look for outside support.  Research shows mean time to repair improves, and downtime decreases when CISOs work with a group that includes local government and peers in other industries and organizations. 

Collaborative Cyber Defense

Members and their teams have the opportunity to join a trusted group and share ideas. We offer an online forum where members can respond in real-time to a deploying threat, and our monthly Cyber Tuesdays are an opportunity to share case studies, effective practices, and more. 

Our events focus on collaboration as well, through our workgroups, summits, and cyber drills. We encourage learning, trust, and active response with other New England professionals.