The ACSC is pleased to announce its first keynote speaker for the ACSC 2018: CONNECT Annual Conference, Melanie Ensign of Uber. 

Melanie is a security communications advisor with experience in reputation management, media relations, employee education, incident response, disclosure incentives, consumer engagement, and public policy. She currently leads security and privacy communications at Uber and previously worked on security communications at Facebook. Additionally, Melanie leads the press team for DEF CON, the world’s largest hacker conference.

Keynote Topic

Melanie will discuss how cognitive research shows that fear blocks rational and critical thinking, yet it has become the official language of today’s security industry, sacrificing desperately needed political and societal improvements for short-term publicity and attention. We watch in frustrated horror as politicians and governments around the world capitalize on this fear to justify overreaching, unjust, and discriminating policies under the guise of security. How can we reverse this trend and remove our dependency on fear-mongering tactics to better protect our organizations and communities? How do we empower consumers to make safer decisions while avoiding the backlash of fear? 

Tickets are selling quickly for our Annual Conference on November 8th, at the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, you can sign-up to register here.  

The ACSC Annual Conference highlights fresh research around three key areas of cybersecurity: 

  • Workforce Development
  • Collaborative Defense
  • Public Policy

This year we will discuss new research on cyber simulation exercises and report back the results of a survey on communications between CISOs and their boards.