The ACSC is pleased to announce our latest keynote speaker for ACSC 2018: CONNECT, Samir Jain, Partner, Jones Day. 

In Samir's talk, titled, "The Next Wave of the Public-Private Partnership in Cybersecurity," he will discuss how we can reorient the roles that the private sector and the government play in cybersecurity to better enable collective defense. Companies often understandably ask why they are largely left on their own to defend themselves against malicious cyber activity perpetrated by nation-states and sophisticated criminal actors. That, they say, should be the government’s job. On the other hand, the government does not have the resources or capability to defend all private sector networks. Nor is it clear that we would want them to – for example, do we really want the NSA or FBI to have network monitoring devices distributed throughout private networks? This talk will reflect on how we can better enable constructive engagement between the government and private sector to improve our management of cyber risk.

Samir Jain has more than 20 years of experience at high levels of government and in private practice working on legal and policy issues involving cybersecurity, privacy, national security, communications, and internet law.  He is a Partner at Jones Day in the Cybersecurity, Privacy & Data Protection group.  Previously, he served in the Obama Administration as Senior Director for Cybersecurity Policy for the National Security Council at The White House and Associate Deputy Attorney General at the Department of Justice.  His areas of focus included cyber incident response, legal and policy review of cyber operations against adversaries, development of proposals to reform the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, the Electronic Communications Privacy Act, and other cybercrime laws, and international issues, such as helping to negotiate the landmark agreement with China not to engage in cyber-enabled IP theft for commercial purposes and gaining acceptance of international cyber norms.