The ACSC is pleased to announce its latest keynote speaker for ACSC 2018: CONNECT, Dr. Andrea Little Limbago, who will speak about, “Bots, Trolls, Warriors and the Path Ahead.”

Dr. Andrea Little Limbago is the Chief Social Scientist at Endgame, a cybersecurity software company. She researches and writes at the intersection of geopolitics and cybersecurity and directs the company’s technical content. Her writing has been featured in numerous outlets, including Politico, the Hill, Business Insider, War on the Rocks, and Forbes. Andrea frequently presents on a range of cybersecurity topics such as norms, attacker trends, computational propaganda and workforce development. Andrea is also a Senior Fellow and Program Director for the Emerging Technologies Law and Policy Program at the National Security Institute at George Mason, a data analytics industry advisory board member at George Washington, and contributes to numerous infosec conference program review committees. She previously taught in academia and was a technical lead at the Department of Defense, where she earned a top award for technical excellence. Andrea earned a PhD in Political Science from the University of Colorado at Boulder.

Bots, Trolls, Warriors and the Path Ahead
Dr. Limbago’s talk will focus on disruptions -- Authoritarian regimes increasingly integrate automated bots, digital trolls, and cyber warriors to achieve a broad range of objectives, including data theft, destruction and manipulation. This strategy for information control and dominance is no longer limited to major power nation-states. It is increasingly spreading to smaller states as well as a range of non-state actors, and has impacted international events ranging from multi-state economic boycotts to election interference across the globe. This modern authoritarian playbook is restructuring international regimes and redefining global digital norms, while directly impacting economic and national security, privacy, trust, and individual freedoms. The talk will conclude with a discussion on what the private and public sectors within democracies should consider as the digital defenders of security, privacy, data integrity and individual freedoms.

We invite the cybersecurity community to join us on November 8th, at the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston in Boston, MA.  Tickets and event information are available here. We are getting close to capacity, with only a few dozen tickets remaining.