In our previous blog post we discussed first half of the ACSC Campaign Cyber Defense Workshop and its focus on the government’s role in election security.  Presenters will include:

  • Cheryl Davis, managing director, FTI Consulting (former Director of Cybersecurity Policy, National Security Council);
  • Ron Ford, Cybersecurity Advisor (New England), for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security;
  • Hans Olson, Assistant Undersecretary of Homeland Security, Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Together, Davis, Ford and Olson, will be covering the Federal government’s responsibilities, the various federal agencies involved, as well as the resources available here in the Commonwealth.

Registration for the June 4th ACSC Campaign Cyber Defense Workshop at the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston is open.  You can reserve your ticket at Eventbrite.  

Secure Campaign Operations

The second section of the workshop will focus on how to secure campaign operations.

Robby Mook, Senior Fellow, Defending Digital Democracy, at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government, will describe the Defending Digital Democracy project and the available playbooks, as well as what the project plans to do as we head into the mid-terms.  Robby also will discuss results from recent tabletop exercises and what campaigns can do to improve their cyber readiness.

Following a lunch break, we’ll get back into defense mode with a presentation from Danny Rogers, Co-founder and CEO, Terbium Labs. Security Fellow, Truman National Security Project, on “The Weaponization of the Dark Web.” Danny will explain what the dark web is and how it is being used to coordinate attacks on political campaigns in the U.S. His case study presentation will explain what the bad guys are up to as well as the resources are available to better defend campaigns from attack.

Our third presenter in this block is Jake Braun, CEO, Cambridge Global Advisors and Managing Director, Cambridge Global Capital, Faculty/Lecturer, University of Chicago Harris School of Public Policy, who will discuss “Integrating Cybersecurity into Daily Campaign Operations.” Drawing on his experience working both in the field and in campaign headquarters, Jake will discuss how campaign staff should be thinking about day-to-day security.  He will share his insights for how campaigns should respond to incidents and how to best leverage government resources.

The campaign operations support section of the program will conclude with a panel discussion featuring Robby, Danny and Jake, and moderated by Michael Figueroa. The panel will field questions from the moderator and the audience in an open discussion of what industry resources are available to support campaign cyber defense and what key things campaign staff should be doing to implement baseline protections for campaign operations.

We’ll close out the ACSC Campaign Cyber Defense Workshop with a session on “Experiences with Misinformation and Reputation Attacks” with Andy Coville, CEO, Brodeur Partners, & Joe Trippi, of TNR Campaigns.

Andy will cover the measures that campaigns can put in place to prevent or mitigate an attack.  Joe will cover what happens once an attack occurs and how you can respond with an effective plan including addressing attribution and what techniques campaigns can use to rise above the noise.