Session Spotlight

Beyond Annual Compliance: Effective Use of Penetration Testing and Red Teams to Assess Systems, Improve Security, and Build Talent

Case studies and a round table discussion of ACSC’s recent research on how organizations use penetration testing, internal and external red teams (ethical hacking) to test their practices, tools, and people.  The end goal is to continually assess vulnerabilities, improve strategies, and build talent.


Marc Zissman
Associate Division Head, Cyber Security and Information Services, MIT Lincoln Laboratory
ACSC Board of Directors


Chris Blow
Offensive Security Lead, Liberty Mutual



Brian Hazzard
Co-Founder and CEO, Randori



Anna McJohn
GCIH, Principal Cybersecurity Engineer, Liberty Mutual


Bill Guenther
Chairman, CEO and Founder, Mass Insight Global Partnerships
ACSC Executive Chair


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