One of the key areas of focus for the ACSC is workforce development. As a leader in this area, the ACSC works with our members to identify trends, create employment opportunities, and collaborate with local colleges and universities to create programs that graduate cyber-ready students.


As part of our support for academic-industry partnerships, we are pleased to share a survey opportunity funded by the National Security Agency (NSA). A team of researchers led by ACSC member organization, Northeastern University, is investigating the efficacy of academic-industry partnerships to address the shortage of qualified educators in cybersecurity among higher education institutions.

The primary researcher is Agnes Chan, Professor Emeritus at Northeastern University’s College of Computer and Information Science. Researchers are conducting an online survey which takes approximately 20 minutes to complete. Professor Chan will collect information that can be used to inform the feasibility of potential partnerships, how the partnerships are structured and performance metrics used to measure success.


The survey questions will include basic information about your firm, your firm’s skill requirements and hiring practices for cybersecurity positions, and the degree to which your firm would be willing to engage in an academic-industry partnership to increase the number of cybersecurity educators and graduates. Note that the term cybersecurity in this survey is inclusive of all related fields and degree types. Information will be collected from decision makers within each organization who are knowledgeable about hiring and staffing requirements, such as:

• Hiring managers
• Human Resources managers
• Chief Security Officer, Chief Information Security Officer, or CEO


If someone else in your organization would be a better survey participant please share this information with them.

All data will be kept confidential. To fill out the survey, please follow this link:


The more data the cyber security community can gather about what academic programs are offering versus the needs of industry, the easier it is to identify potential opportunities for collaboration. In that spirit, the ACSC asks you for your participation in the study.