ACSC is a cross-sector member organization, led by CISOs, focusing on improving cybersecurity practice and building trusted peer groups

The ACSC provides tools and resources for organizations to raise their cyber practices to best-in-class. 

Specific benefits include:  

Participation in all NDA-covered Peer Networks (CISO/CIO, Deputies, Threat Intel Directors, Legal Counsels, Communications Execs)

  • CISO, Legal Counsel and Communications Leaders Networks // These working sessions are designed to bring together cross-organizational peers by role to strengthen connections in the region and identify best practices for securing organizations through a role specific lens.

  • Threat Intel // This is a director-level, member led group, organized to identify the operational best practices and strategic aspects of a successful threat intel program.  The network will also provide the opportunity to discuss threat trends.  Network meetings provide a forum for collaboration and the opportunity to meet new peers, new trusted partners whom participants can rely on to check findings or ask for help, all under the ACSC’s Participation Agreement and NDA.

Your inter-disciplinary team’s participation in annual Table Top Exercise

  • Table Top Exercises // An annual Table Top exercise conducted with all members to put Collaborative Defense into practice.  Members participate with a full team, including CISOs, Deputies, Information Security teams along with Legal and Communications teams.  These interdisciplinary teams help establish relationships and build collaboration both internally and externally with peers across the ACSC membership, as well as across the public and private sectors. 

Access to all ACSC field research; opportunity to participate in focus groups and shape the research

  • Research // The ACSC works with partners and in some cases, members, to identify, conduct and produce research which supports our mission of advancing collaborative defense in the region.

Unlimited participation in annual ACSC conference, a day-long convening of member cyber leaders and invited guests

  • Annual Conference // Over 150 senior cybersecurity leaders from ACSC members and the regional cyber community come together to shape the direction of our Collaborative Defense agenda, take actionable information back to their organizations, and gain the continuing value of ACSC’s trusted cross-sector, public-private networks.

Also: The opportunity to participate, for an additional fee, in the ACSC-SimSpace Cyber Range and ‘cyber gym’.

Our staff learns from peers in other organizations and industries through threat intelligence sharing, as well as CISO network and other ACSC trusted networks. These relationships have been invaluable. For example, years ago our colleagues at State Street alerted us to an attack that was also intended for the Fed. This would not have happened if we weren’t both part of the same trusted network, and the Fed would have been at an obvious disadvantage.
- Kenneth C. Montgomery, First Vice President & Chief Operating Officer, Federal Reserve Bank of Boston